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About Me, Stephanie

I love to travel, I have every since I was kid.  I enjoyed road trips to Mesquite with the whole family during fall break.  I loved flying with my mom to go to Disney World with my Aunt and Uncle. The quality time with family and sense of adventure it brought was something I valued a great deal.


 I met my wonderful husband at 19 and we married right before my 20th birthday.  We chose to start our family early and over the next 10 years we had 4 beautiful and rambunctious kids who are now 15, 12, 8, and 6.  We were young and financially we struggled for quite a good portion of our early years together.  Travel meant visiting family and camping out each summer with my in-laws.  Travel just seemed too troublesome and expensive with four young kids. 

It took us about 13 years to feel like we were finally in a place that our kids are old enough and now we can afford to travel.  I have learned in the last few years, that with planning, budgeting and maybe a few travel hacks we can travel and have amazing experiences.  I am so excited to be able to travel with my family that I became a registered travel agent.

I started this blog to help other people realize that you can afford to travel, traveling with young kids is possible and even enjoyable and you can create amazing experiences without going broke. 

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